Acquisitions + Dispositions

On behalf of Kodiak and our partners, we apply our extensive knowledge, skills, and contacts in real estate to maximize asset value. We seek properties that can be acquired with minimal risk, excellent current returns, and/or substantial upside potential. By applying our specialized business approach, Kodiak’s principals satisfy demanding investment requirements as we attempt to maximize our returns and achieve the highest possible values. Kodiak devises and implements strategies to meet the individual objectives of each acquisition. We focus on shopping centers since they have shown to be relatively safe in economic bad times and strong in good times.


Kodiak seeks to acquire properties based on:

  • Location: Properties located in the Mid-Atlantic area, including:
    Baltimore, Maryland, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC and Delaware.
  • Size: Properties averaging 100,000 square feet in size
  • Type: Primarily retail properties and some multifamily and industrial properties


Although Kodiak principals invest in real estate for long term investment purposes, the company will occasionally sell those properties of which we have maximized their value or properties deemed to have little room for further growth.