Providing Exceptional Commercial Property Services

Kodiak was formed by Alan Hammerschlag and Scott Spector in 1994 as a real estate investment firm with the goal of acquiring retail shopping centers in the Mid-Atlantic region for long term investment and development. Since its inception, Kodiak has acquired a portfolio consisting of shopping centers, office space, and apartment buildings, containing in excess of three million square feet.

The retail market in the Washington Metro and surrounding areas is considered one of the most desirable real estate investments in the country and one of the most competitive. Since Kodiak’s inception the firm has managed to acquire over 30 properties in the Mid-Atlantic region as a result of the principal partners’ technical skills, financial expertise, and broad market knowledge; which combined with a “hands on” commitment to projects have become the hallmarks of Kodiak’s success.

Over the past few years, the retail industry has been embattled by extraordinary changes and challenges. Adapting to these changes and responding to these challenges are central to Kodiak’s mission. Kodiak provides comprehensive asset management services to its partners seeking to invest in retail properties and to enhance asset values for disposition at maximum value and minimum cost.

Kodiak has the good fortune to work with a talented and a homogeneous work force — a definitive key to Kodiak’s success. Both Kodiak and its investors reap the rewards of the firm’s skills and abilities in developing successful business relationships in the industry and financial sectors.